Insulated panel

With green coloured sheet outline.

cm. 100 x 220

  Made in Italy

All our products are Made in Italy, made directly by us

  High quality

High quality products, thanks to the 70 years of history of our company


Designed to reduce assembly operations

The cover panel  is high-density' 40 mm thick polyurethane foam with 5 ribs.

The color of the panel  is red Siena Raal 3009 or request green Raal 6005 on the outside and white / gray Raal C73 / RAL 7035 on the inside.

Each panel has a measure of cm. 100 for the desired length by the customer, in fact, normally it is projecting in the front part of the box so that it can protect the operator while care of the dog.

In the two side panels, a green and externally on the front profiling is mounted is provided an ever apron of green color and in this way the roof is aesthetically coordinated to the structure.

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