Laying cage for partridge with 4 floors


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Laying cage for partridge with 4 floors


New product

For 16 couples, automatic drinkers, feeding trough (basic form for n.08 couples cm. 100 x 50 x 180h.)

cm. 230 x 50 x 180h

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Cages for partridge breeding. Made of iron galvanized sheet and galvanized iron wire, water-system with snap drinker and feeding trough .

Cleaning system with cleaning sheet up to 2 mt. of lenght and with polyethylene ribbon starting from 3 mt. Supporting frame in steel section prearranged for an easy assembly .Improved during the years following the advices of the main breeders these cages join the easy use together with sparing money and excellent production levels.

20/1MT. 1.000.851.8548 COUPLES
20/2MT. 2.000.851.85416 COUPLES
20/3MT. 3.300.851.85424 COUPLES 
20/4MT. 4.300.851.85432 COUPLES
20/5MT. 5.300.851.85440 COUPLES
20/6MT. 6.300.851.85448 COUPLES
20/7MT. 7.300.851.85456 COUPLES
20/8MT. 8.300.851.85464 COUPLES 
20/9MT. 9.300.851.85472 COUPLES
20/10MT. 10.300.851.85480 COUPLES

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