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Cages for quails breeding

Cages for quails breeding.Made of iron galvanized sheet and galvanized iron wire, water-system with “snap” drinker and feeders (automatic feeders optional for 10m. long cages). Cleaning system with cleaning sheet up to 2 mt. of lenght and with polyethylene ribbon starting from 3 mt. Supporting frame in steel section prearranged for an easy assembly.Improved during the years following the advices of the main breeders these cages join the easy use together with sparing money and excellent production levels.

mt. 3,40 x 0,85 x 1,85 h5 ShelvesCapacity 1500 - 2000
mt 3,35 x 0,85 x 1,85h5 ShelvesCapacity 1500 max
mt 3,35 x 0,85 x 1,85h5 ShelvesCapacity: - M 225- F - M+F 450 - 675
Cage for laying hens from mt. 4,20 to mt.12,60 height mt. 2,10, galvanized feeders and automatic drinkers, nests and cleaning system in polyethylene. Each space has dimensions cm. 120x120 and is for 20 hens.
Boxes for 16-20 birds. cm.203 x 50 x 45 h
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